Day 14

Yellow butterflies flitter about the bleeding hearts
Out in my flower gardens,
When suddenly the soar of a humming bird
Nearly knocks me to the ground at his attempt
To land and sip on nectar so sweet,
It is as if his life depends on it.
The smell of clover hovers, and I inhale long and deep.
While absorbed in the fragrance,
The gray squirrel scampers soberly up the oak tree,
Dodging branches, and playing ‘You’re It’ with his buddies.
One tumbles twenty feet or more but lands on all fours.
A tumbling act meant for the circus but only I witness the performance.
Then suddenly, out strolls a family of six deer.
So glad my garden has nothing appealing like spinach or apples,
Or they would remain unwanted guests,
Snatching and nibbling until the crops disappear.
They mosey on to the neighbours,
Better they than me, for my plate is full,
With that pesky skunk who squirts my dog
And I have to live with that smell.
Aww! Summer time. A time to live in and with nature.
My favourite time of year.


I am a mother, retired foster mother, grandmother, and last, but not least, an author. I have self-published a children's book of rhymes, titled, A Rhyme In Time for ages five and up. I also wrote articles for Suite101, and had some short stories published in a local paper. At present, I am in a new phase in life once again. I hope to spend more time reading accompanied by Goodreads, write daily on my blog, and read other people's works of art. I also love photography and want to share some of my part of the world, along with travelling experiences.

Posted in NaPoWriMo
5 comments on “SummerTime
  1. sparrow says:

    Ha, love this! What a beautiful summer scene. Though the skunk squirting the dog sounds like no fun at all! I want to start a garden this year and wondered what the deer would eat. Should I not plant spinach?


    • drew delaney says:

      The deer love spinach and beet leaves to start out. Then in the fall, they will eat carrots and beets or anything that is green. I have a fight foot high fence. They jumped that and got into the veggies. I also had a raccoon that ate my entire crop of corn. I still had a huge amount of vegetables because I plant a lot, but if you live near the wooded land, the animals will find your garden. Plant anyway I would say. Just protect it with fencing and maybe a dog tied nearby.


  2. Kirsten says:

    Ugh…skunks. They stank. They say to wash in tomatoes to take out the smell. I wonder if that really works?!? I love the word picture you painted of your garden!


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