Crazy, But I Did It

<h1>Daily Prompt: Let’s Go Crazy</h1><div>by Krista on March 7, 2014</div><div><p><strong>Sometimes, we act on impulse: it could be something as small as ordering that special dessert on the menu, maybe asking out that cute boy or girl, or as large quitting your job and selling everything you own to become a shepherd in New Zealand. What’s the most crazy, outrageously impulsive thing you’ve ever done? If you’ve never succumbed to temptation, dream a little. If you gave yourself permission to go a little crazy, what would you do?</strong></p><p><em>When I think of it now, crazy it was. But I did do it and I’m not sorry I did. I met a writer online and we got to know each other somewhat. I told her I was going to visit England and that I would like to meet her. </em></p><p>”Don’t stay in a hotel. You will pay way too much,” she said. And I thought, yeah but what do I do? I really want to go even if it means using my credit card and maxing out. “You can stay at my place.” I couldn’t believe she offered me a place. Then I had to tell her, I was taking my foster daughter with me as a companion. </p><p>”Would you have room for another body?” I explained my situation. I felt embarrassed to ask, but when you want to do something bad enough, you seem to take chances you might not otherwise take.</p><p>”No problem.” she said. “I’ll get all the paperwork done that you require and send it right off to Child and Family Services. We Skyped each other a couple of times and within a couple of months we were on our way to London, England. </p><p>We had to fly to Minneapolis, Minnesota first and from there it would be one long ride over the Pond. After a few hours of waiting, we finally entered the plane that would fly us to London. The flight was amazing. No trouble, no bumps, food was great, and the loo was near. But I found out from the stewardess that it was not one for me but for the first class. Again, slightly embarrassed, I swallowed my pride and later used the one at the other end of the long aisle. My foster daughter and I were tired. We got comfy in our seats and slept all night. We got there refreshed and eager to meet my new English friend. </p><p>When we got in line to enter the country, I almost had a heart-attack. I was asked for an address where I would be staying. Well, I didn’t have one. I just knew it was Hampshire, but that was all the info I had. Without an address, you are not allowed into another country. I was then told that I would have to go back.</p><p>”What? I came all the way here, and I can’t even get out of the airport?”</p><p>”That’s correct.” She wasn’t bl


I am a mother, retired foster mother, grandmother, and last, but not least, an author. I have self-published a children's book of rhymes, titled, A Rhyme In Time for ages five and up. I also wrote articles for Suite101, and had some short stories published in a local paper. At present, I am in a new phase in life once again. I hope to spend more time reading accompanied by Goodreads, write daily on my blog, and read other people's works of art. I also love photography and want to share some of my part of the world, along with travelling experiences.

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  1. Oh, that’s so sad. Couldn’t you have called her?


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